Finoditax – Your Reliable HR Business Partner

We – specialize in human resources and personnel administration. Our goal is to provide your company with worry-free and efficient human resource management so you can focus on growing your business.

Here are some of the typical services we provide in the field of human resource record keeping:

  1. Maintaining personnel records: Create and maintain personnel files for each employee, including employment, qualifications and other documents.
  2. Time and labor remuneration management: Employee time recording, payroll calculation, vacation and sick leave accounting.
  3. Dismissals and transitions: Preparing layoff documents, processing transitions and internal moves.
  4. Training and development: Conducting and organizing training programs and employee development activities.
  5. Compliance with legislation: Ensuring compliance with labor and tax laws and other regulations.
  6. Administrative Support: Provide administrative support to employees, including processing various paperwork and applications.
  7. Advice on personnel issues: Providing advice and guidance on human resource management and personnel policies.


Why choose us:

  • A professional team of experienced HR specialists.
  • Flexible approach and personalized solutions for each client.
  • Competitive rates and flexible payment system.

HR services can be fully outsourced, your company can outsource all or part of the HR management to us this will help you focus on your core business, reduce administrative costs and ensure compliance.