Finoditax - comprehensive support for your business in any region of Poland
We provide a full range of services for transport companies, as well as for those wishing to enter the international transport market, including ready-made solutions and expert support.

We know perfectly well what services your company needs, and therefore we provide you with a comprehensive service that allows you to successfully develop and scale your business.

We are the largest company in Poland providing services to Russian-speaking clients from the TSL sector (transportation, forwarding, logistics).

Established and registered a company in Poland


Issued transport licenses


Maintenance of changes in the register was carried out


Executed agreements for the sale and purchase of companies

Our services are the key to your success

Registration of transport companies with a full package of documents with subsequent support.

Why us?







Legal. consultation

Development of the Charter

Registration in the KRS register

Obtaining a NIP number

Obtaining a REGON number

Legal address

Company Seals

Obtaining a VAT number

Bank account

Transport License

Company Map

Order Order Order

The Most Useful Services for Your Transportation Business

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transport company

3-5 days

Transport License

3-4 weeks

or for rent

Down payment €2000

or for rent

From €650 per month

Accounting and HR support

From €150 per month

Freight Orders
On a permanent basis

The best rates

Fuel Cards
and toll boxes

Deferred payment up to 30 days

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Companies in
Amazon Relay

The best rates

Easy start! Turnkey transport company!

  • Company Registration
  • Transport License
  • Truck for rent or leasing
  • Cargo Transportation Contract
  • Accounting and HR support

Advantages of registering a company in Poland

Strategic location

Poland is located in the center of Europe and has excellent transport infrastructure, making it a strategically important place for business. Its proximity to other European markets provides convenient access to a variety of customers and partners.

Favorable business climate

Poland offers a favorable business climate and ranks high in ease of doing business indices. The country actively attracts and supports foreign investment by offering various incentives and benefits for companies.

Developed economy

Poland has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. The country has a strong domestic market and a high purchasing power of the population. This creates good opportunities for business development and increased sales.

Access to a skilled workforce

Poland offers ample access to skilled and relatively inexpensive labor. The country has highly educated professionals in various fields, which makes it attractive to companies looking for highly qualified employees.

Tax Breaks and Incentives

Poland has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. The country has a strong domestic market and a high purchasing power of the population. This creates good opportunities for business development and increased sales.

Access to the European market

Registering a company in Poland provides access to the European single market. This opens up opportunities for trade and interaction with other European countries without customs restrictions and barriers.

Innovation & Technology Base

Poland is actively developing its innovation and technological base. The country offers support and funding for innovative projects, and this can be attractive to companies operating in the field of science, technology and innovation.

We offer you all the ancillary services you need for the proper functioning of your company in the transport and logistics industry in Europe.

  • Obtaining transport and forwarding licenses
  • Dispute Resolution with GITD Transport Inspection
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Contracts for cargo on a permanent basis
  • Collection of debts on transport orders
  • Accident Assistance and Indemnification
  • Litigation
  • Assistance in leasing trucks
  • Insurance services
  • Semi-trailer rental

For your drivers, we are ready to offer the following services

  • Replacement of a driver's license with a Polish one
  • Receiving a card to the tachograph
  • Registration of the Residence Card
  • Getting Code 95
  • A1 Insurance

4 Simple Steps to Register a Business

  • 1Preparation

    We will advise you on the right type of company that suits your business and needs.
  • 2Information

    Name of the company, type of activity, Information about the founders and the share of participation.

    Learn more
  • 3Payment

    There are several payment methods available to the client:
    • Payment in the office
    • Payment according to the invoice at the bank branch
    • Wire transfer
  • 4Registration Documents

    Upon successful completion of the registration process, we will send you an email notification. In addition, a physical copy of the company's set of documents can also be sent to the address specified by you by mail (DHL/TNT/FedEx).

Frequently Asked Questions


1What does Finoditax do?
Our company has been working in the cargo transportation sector for many years. Over the years, we have developed a special approach to all tasks related to the transport sector, the search and training of drivers, and interactions with public authorities regulating the transport sector in Poland. We help new businesses get around the challenges they may face.
2What do I get by cooperating?
You get package solutions for entire clusters of logistics business. You can ask for advice at any time and get full information with a step-by-step action plan for entire areas and specific solutions.
3What does the company specialize in?
Our area of competence includes the registration of the logistics business, its support and the creation of conditions for its development. For this purpose, we can offer trucks for rent or leasing. This allows you to start a business without large initial costs, which are incomparable in the case of buying rolling stock at once. Another important advantage is that you can rent not one, but several tractors at once and within a certain time you can rent more tractors and semi-trailers, thereby very quickly increasing your transport fleet and the profit of your company.
4How long does it take to register a transport company?
On average, the registration period for a turnkey transport company is 4-6 weeks. A consultant will provide you with full information.
5What documents are required to register a company?
A scanned copy of the passport of the future founder and director.
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