We provide Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) services for use on the EPUAP (Unified Administrative Procedures Services Platform) platform in Poland. EPUAP (EPUAP) is an electronic platform that provides access to various administrative services and procedures in Poland.

Here are the basic steps we can perform as part of the service to obtain an EDS for UDRP:

  1. Consultation and Analysis: We will conduct a consultation with you to understand your needs and goals for using EDS. We will review the UDRP requirements and help you determine the most appropriate type of EDS for your needs.
  2. Document preparation: We prepare the necessary documents to obtain an EDS. This may include your personal and company information, copies of your passport, company registration documents and other required information.
  3. Application: We will apply for an EDS for UDRP to the relevant authorities responsible for issuing EDSs.
  4. Installation and customization: After receiving the EDS, we will help you install and customize it on the UDRP platform. We will take the necessary steps to link your EDS to your accounts on EPUAP.
  5. Training and support: We will provide training on the use of EDS on the UDRP platform so that you can effectively and securely use the services and procedures on the platform. We will also provide technical support and advice on issues related to the use of EDS.

We offer professional support in the process of obtaining an Electronic Digital Signature for EPUAP (EPUAP) to ensure it is obtained as required and simplifies the procedure for your company or personal use.