We provide a European VAT refund service. A European VAT (value added tax) refund is available for businesses that conduct business operations in the EU and pay VAT.

Here’s the general process for refunding European VAT:

  1. Collection of documentation: It is necessary to collect all relevant documents to support the payment of VAT, such as invoices, customs declarations, export documents and other related documents.
  2. Filing: We will prepare and file a European VAT refund application according to the requirements of each specific EU country. The application form must be completed correctly and contain all the necessary information about your company, business operations and VAT paid.
  3. Application processing: The tax authorities of the relevant EU country will process your VAT refund application. This may include reviewing the documents provided and conducting an audit.
  4. VAT refund: After successful processing of the application, the tax authorities will refund the European VAT to your specified bank account or other convenient way. Refund periods and procedures may vary depending on the EU country where the VAT was paid.

It is important to note that the European VAT refund process can be complicated and requires knowledge of local tax laws. We offer professional legal support and advice to make the VAT refund process as easy as possible for you and your company.