We provide insurance services in Poland covering various types of insurance for your company or personal needs. Here are some of the most common types of insurance we can offer:

  1. Property Insurance: We offer property insurance, including your company’s buildings, equipment, inventory and other tangible assets. This will help protect you from losses associated with property damage or loss due to fire, theft, natural disasters and other risks.
  2. Liability Insurance: We offer liability insurance that covers potential financial losses associated with claims and demands for damages arising from your company’s operations. This may include general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and other forms of insurance.
  3. Vehicle Insurance: We offer vehicle insurance that covers the risks associated with the operation of your company’s vehicles. This may include automobile liability insurance, theft and damage insurance, and other forms of fleet insurance.
  4. Health and Life Insurance: We offer health and life insurance that provides financial protection in the event of accident, illness or death. This may include health insurance, disability insurance, accident insurance, and other health and life insurance.

We work with the leading insurance companies in Poland and can offer you the best insurance prices to suit your needs and budget. Our insurance experts can help you choose the most suitable type of insurance and arrange a policy with minimum hassle for you.